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    Hi to every one
    I have been registered for a little while and have never introduced my self properly, as it's the Christmas week have a little time at work so have took the opportunity to introduce my self properly,

    I'm 31 and living in Telford, I work as a operations manager for a company called Infoteam, we are a after sales service company doing warranty and OOW repairs for Sharp, Sanyo Play station Acer and a few other smaller manufactures in Brown goods (TV's videos ps3 laptops ect..) I have 2 little kids one boy one girl and a new partner.


    I love getting out shooting as much as life lets me (and cost) I’m out over Westbury Shropshire most Friday nights lamping for Rabbits and fox's I try and get out as much on the rough shooting to keep me exercised , and do a bit of pigeon and crow shooting over decoy

    I have a land rover discovery 300TDI which like any owner can verify keeps me busier than the hunting in repairing the bloody thing but all in all it's now in not to bad condition for an N plate with new boot rear door panels and bits patched up, strange thing happened on the M6 the front drivers side caliper snapped off yes very scary driving home with no brakes luckily only use it in bad weather or for hunting i also own a 206 HDI which makes up for the expense as it's dirt cheap to run

    i used to be on a syndicate in redditch which had lovely head of roe and Muntjak on it but the farmer who rented the land from the land owner has now brought it and decided not to offer the shooting rights to the syndicate Boo Hoo, other than that i have access to about 30 farms through a friend which with a phone call the day before sorts my love for lamping out and any rough shooting with the occasional duck flight (IN SEASON), i have a couple of farms around Telford which allow me on them but only me which i like the social shooting (with a friend) so don't get round them very often.

    So that’s me, hope people don't find this a boring drone and if any body is living around Telford area and wants a shooting buddy for the day or what ever let me no and I’m sure I could repay the favor one way or another ( NOT SEXUAL MIND)

    Sorry forgot guns
    I have a 22LR CZ whichis the most used, 223 weatherby Vangaurd for me foxes, 308 Parker hale sporting for Deer ( not used enought any more) , 22lr Semi auto which is setup with High velocity which never realy comes out much and finaly my O/U Biakle 12g shotgun

    Happy shooting and have a fantastic Christmas

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    Welcome aboard.

    Like the humour!
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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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