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Thread: Awesome calling

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    That is one hell of a buck, I wish I had roe of any where near that quality on any of my ground.

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    awesum the young buck didnt take any notice of him stood by the tree brilliant

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    Thats my boy I highly recommend this DVD.

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    Shot in sweden I think you will find

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    I was chatting to Richard Prior a month or so ago when I went to get a head assesed and was asking him about calling. I told him I had had a few Does come into the call but the bucks seemed slow to the call and moved as though they didnt have a care in the world and hadnt heard the call. He chuckled and said they will most certainly have heard the call and were just playing 'cool' as such. I learnt from that as I had always expected a Buck to come charging in to the call.

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    i havnt used a buttallo call before but i baught a rotumcaller the one that is a roe antler with a reed and had some great success it took a while to get the hang of but seems to work well i have just got a vid camera so will hopefully get some footage this time round,wayne

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    If anyone has this DVD and fancy's swapping it for another calling or stalking dvd please send me a pm.

    Cracking heads on those bucks.

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    Franz and that 202... lucky bugger

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