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Thread: SAKO 123gr carcass damage.

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    SAKO 123gr carcass damage.

    Has anyone else experienced carcass damage with these rounds? I skinned of these two fallow to find extensive bruising and shoulder damage. Shots were around the 120 yard mark, and clipping the back of the front leg. Sako gamehead 123gr factory loaded.
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    That is pretty bad damage, what calibre?
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    I use that round ( 308 ) a good deal. Shoots a storm in Sako 75/85.

    But its a light for calibre round, not bonded and travelling just this side of trans-light, so it can be a wrecker - particularly if it strikes a heavier bone.

    The bruising travelling up the side - were there any bullet fragments or bone fragments in evidence?

    That said, it often performs against all expectation from what I just said above. Which ( unhelpfully I appreciate ) is about the usual over-all result from most mainstream bullets.
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    i use them in .308 and never had damage that bad

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    Yes, These are 308, 123gr. It was the first time i used them. Normally I sell carcasses on, but this time was doing some myself and noticed the obvious damage. I didnt look that cloesely for individual fragments but the bullet didnt exit, everything was pretty smashed up inside! The bullet clipped the back of the shoulder and not square on the blade so was suprised at the damage. I think the main thing is they are travelling pretty fast for calibre, cant remember the exact speed off hand. Ive got some 125gr BTs to load, I think i will try them at slow speeds to start with.

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    Hello Boarboy, I have used these in my 30.06 last season. Like you found they caused lots of carcass damage. Used them only for head/neck shots. This season have switched to 165 gr heads and am much happier with the results.

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