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Thread: Howdie doodie from oop north!!

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    Howdie doodie from oop north!!

    Hi all,

    First off thanks to all those who have posted so much top info and answered my questions without me having to ask.... a top set of folk if ever I've come across any.

    Thought I'd get that in before I start mytherin the b'jesus out of all you old hands in the coming months, being the novice that I am....


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    Welcome to the site, don't be shy a little more info would not go amiss. Do you stalk? quarry, calibre???

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Abit more info eh....I shoot a moderated CZ550 varmint in .243 (using 105 grain Gecos) which is far mor acurate than I'll ever be, and I'm also seen in the company of a Hatsan Escort and a 10/22 for shooting on our small holding up here in Cumbria. Shooting wise its foxes (we have sheep and I'd like to see lots of lambs not just most of them!!) I'm yet to get any deer but we have red and roe that regulary visit though it always seems to be very late at night (the barstweards!!) and the reds put some corking holes in our walls to boot! Plus the usual pheasies when they are in' though the recent release of the red kites at grizedale has made them very shy this year, and anything that's going to nibble the wifes veggies or my trees basically.

    I'm currently on the hunt for some better optics, bins and scope, got to be second hand as can't justify new by any means and that's just the good midrange stuff! Still I get out with what I've got and enjoy it which is the main thing.

    I'm also making a high seat that I'll post some piccies of when I get it that will be a while as I've got 200m of deer fencing to put in before we start this years tree planting....... oh joy, love it really!


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    welcome to the site and good luck with the fencing
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