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Thread: LEE classic loader - are they any good?

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    LEE classic loader - are they any good?

    As the title states.

    Im want to reload for .22 hornet and wondered if I should get one of these or spend a bit more and buy presses etc?

    I wont get through many rounds, so the time isn't really a factor.

    Just wondered if they were a good starting point for a bit of experimenting?

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    ive got 2 of them on in 243 and 308 cracking little tools

    buy one simple.

    the loads ive produced with the loader have all been under a inch @100yards and some loads touching ,what more do you want ???????

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    I reload .243 for a mate and use both press and a classic reloader, depending on time and how many rounds I am doing. Properly set up the classic produces equally accurate loads. I always use an autoprime though (cant get used to hammering primers in) Very cost effective if you are not getting through a lot of rounds.
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    have been wondering myself about getting one for my 308 but im hesitant as not sure if i can adjust seat depth and watching it done on youtube is scarry. as an alternitive what about the lee reloader press and hand press although you then need to buy a set of dies

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    its all good gear , tried and tested for years , but like most things your better off getting someone experienced to show you how to use kit that is potentialy dangrouse

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    Yes the seating depth is adjustable, I own one in .223 rem and .22 hornet.
    It loads very accurate rounds in both, although these days I prefer a proper set of dies for the hornet.
    I have proper dies for the .223 as well, but the ammo produced is no more accurate than the Lee Loader.


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    as the gents above have said good kit i have lee reload kit and cloverleaf groups at 100+ simples

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    excellent reloading gear, you need nothing else, ever! not dangerous at all, what a load just read the right books before you start filling the cases and banging the primers and bullets in and you'll be fine. fully adjustable for seating depth.

    in addition to the set, all you need is:

    a. scales (digital or not, your choice)- 10-30
    b. digital calipers - 10 ish
    c. primer pocket cleaner 3 ish (don't 'really' need this)
    d. chamfer tool 3 ish (don't 'really' need this)

    powder - 35 ish
    Primers - 5 ish
    bullets - 28 ish

    I started reloading for my .243 with just the set, 10 digital scales and calipers off ebay + powder, primes and bullets and used brass I'd shot previously from factory loads. with this I managed to create a load that shoots about 0.25" at 100yds consistently.

    seriously, what the heck else do you need!

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    I can't say enough about these kits. When working up loads for 30-06 and 270 this past fall I used these kits right a the range. Agreed. They are not dangerous at all.
    This is from my .222 Winchester. Five shots, 100 yards, "banged together" with a Lee Loader.~Muir

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    Think I will invest then!

    Anyone got one for .22 hornet knocking around that they dont use anymore?? .....cough, cough Hornet 6........

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