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Thread: Permission approach

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    Permission approach

    Advice required please, I am going to approach a local farm for permission to control the deer on their land as I know the previous stalker has left the area but I do not know the landowner personally but I do shoot Pigeon on land adjoining his.

    Would it be best to write a formal letter to the landowner explaining who I am, giving experience, references etc together with a SAE for his reply or would it be better to knock on the door & cold call?

    Advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks.


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    Use the approach you would feel most comfortable with someone using with you.
    I'd suggest knocking on the door and/or dropping off an information pack by hand so they can see your face. If you can say you shoot next door, that's a good way in.

    As people say - during the day, on your own, smart, no camo, no guns, no dogs, wash the car, big smile, no pressure.

    Remember to start with 'Good Morning', and not 'Is this your land?' or 'Do you need someone to control your deer?'.

    They ask the questions and you answer them!

    Best of luck.

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    Chris, use the above suggestions, also, I find that a word from the neighbour (where you already shoot) is a big help, assuming everyone is on good terms. Good luck. Cheers, Pete.

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    Down wind is right don't feck about with letters etc farmers i know hate that stuff get your farmer to have a wee word and say your a good reliable chap then when hes don't that you go and see him .If he says yes you get a nice bottle of malt and give him it and say this is to show my appreciation he he says no get lost drink it your self.

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    Use the KISS approach, you know keep it simple....... Start with your pal on the next door land to put a word in and then go and see him and take it from there. Don't be too keen on presenting a farmer with a document containing things like DSC, level 1, level 2 etc the Government does things like that to farmers and it makes them very wary. If you do get to offer him something to sign giving you permission to shoot on his land I would make it a very simple form of words.

    Good luck


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    agree with 6.5 x55
    as a farmer myself a wee word from his neighbour saying that you are a good safe lad to have on the place will speak volumes
    all the best bruxie

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    Definitely get your farmer friend to put a word in for you. If they don't get on, maybe offer to help out with pigeons and vermin followed up with a 'By the way I can help with any deer'! It would help if you also did the deer where you currently shoot maybe. I have used the humane dispatch approach with good effect. I basically go to a known blackspot and tell the owner I am working in conjunction with the police in the area to reduce deer collisions and ask for details of the local deer manager for liaison purposes. If he says there isn't one you are halfway there and already sounding quite official and responsible and I haven't told any lies either!8) . Think about appearances and what you are going to say - a bit like going for a job interview really. Remember this! - You don't get a second chance to make a first impression!!

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    Agree with most of the posts above - speak to him personally, look tidy, and the 'door opener' reference from your farmer next door is a 'must do'.

    But one other thing I tend to do is, if there are public footpaths across the farmer's land, I walk them, looking for sign of deer adtivity, and the deer themselves. Then I can say to him 'I couldn't help noticing you have a lot of fallow deer (or whatever) on the land, and the damage they are doing to ...'. Shows him that you know your stuff, and gives him that bit more confidence.

    Good luck, hope you get the shoot.


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    Thanks all for the good advice, Ill let you know how it goes in the New Year.


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    Lots of great advice above, do you control the deer on the neighbouring land?
    If so great, if not he might might ask why, get ready for that question.
    Letters, landowners hate them, far better the direct approach, or indirect i.e. as already stated ask your farmer friend to have a word, if he doesn't wish to then try to be in the area at the same time as the landowner, what i mean by that is pretend to be looking over one of his gates at deer when he tends his livestock etc, he WILL ask what you are doing, be polite, friendly and work your way around to the request, don't rush in to it, think of it if you were in his position.
    Anyway thats my input, i can smell turkey so i am going.
    Happy xmas to all.

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