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Thread: Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year to all our members

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    Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year to all our members

    Another year is drawing to a close and the SD site has gone from strength to strength. The SD site has helped so many stalkers out, whether they be professional or novice everyone has gone away with new friends and many with life long memories.

    On behalf of the Admin team and owners of this site (Sikamalc, JAYB and csl) we wish all of you a very Happy Christmas, a peaceful and prosperous New Year. And I look forward to meeting more of you in the New Year.

    All the very best

    Sikamalc (Malcolm)

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    and must i say the same to you the three wise men regards pete .

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    And the same good wishes back to you all for running this great site.

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    Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all , thanks admin. Look forward to meeting another site user over the festive period - see you soon Richard(devon deer stalker)

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    Thanks Malcolm et al for your continued efforts. Happy christmas to you all.

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    Yep merry Xmas guys, be seeing some of you soon I'm sure


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    And the same to you guys,and thankyou

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    Yes Happy Christmas everyone!

    The site has had a pretty good year. It's been great to see all the social activities being arranged, meetings, charity events, helping new stalkers out etc. We are averaging about 200 new members a month and of our registered members just under 1,000 are visiting every 24 hours. This is up from about 600 this time last year. Together we are creating about 12,000 quality-packed posts a month!

    Hope everyone enjoys their break

    all the best,


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    all the best to admin and all the site members
    happy xmas tom

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    I would like to thank the 3 wise men for their invaluable work over the last year and the other members of the site for providing them with informative, helpful and funny threads for them to keep an eye on.

    Hope you all have a wonderful xmas and a good new year


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