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Thread: Burying venison.

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    Burying venison.

    My wife had the pleasure of once eating venison that had been buried, presumably to tenderise it. I've also been told that a local aristocrat does the same, with the meat being buried for several weeks. Has anyone else heard of this? I always thought it was a bit of a wind-up, until Mrs M told me of her childhood experiences (in the 70's, so well after most people had freezers!).
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    Each to their own, but I think I'll just stick to a few extra days in the chiller and then a nice marinade!

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    I can't remember which book it was now, but in one of the Tarzan books (which I read obsessively as a child - may explain a lot) Tarzan always used to bury meat and eat it with relish weeks later.

    Mind you, he also ate bugs and roots - probably needed the roughage which may also explain the Tarzan call...

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    I heard of this in the forest when I first came here in 1979, it was done by some of the old forest boys but never tried it

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    It was my wife's gret aunt who cooked the meat - which apparently smelt vile. She didn't eat it, just fed it to the dogs when no one was looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker68 View Post
    It was my wife's gret aunt who cooked the meat - which apparently smelt vile. She didn't eat it, just fed it to the dogs when no one was looking.
    I believe that this is an old method of dealing with a rank old stag but also applicable to goose. In essence you coat the carcase in pastry or some other suitable coating and bury it in the ground for several weeks or by some accounts months. During this time you hope that either its' existence has been forgotten about or that it has been eaten by foxes etc. to save yourself from the inevitable gastronomic disaster and food poisoning.

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    The St. Kilda folk used to bury guga (young gannets) or puffin for later consumption. I'ver never tasted either, I'm glad I never had the offer to be honest but I'm told it was pretty rank. Needs must in the old day's I suppose. Some of the older folk in the Western Isles and Shetland still remember it... but not fondly.


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    The guga still come ashore in Ness in the Western Isles and many folk, young and old, look forward to getting their guga. They are also posted to family and friends across the world. I am not aware of them being burried in current times though.

    How anyone eats such a foul and nasty thing is beyond me. As near as I can determine they look like an old floor mop when being boiled and the smell would drive you out of the house. I've never had the courage to even try one and I will eat nearly anything.

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    Reminds me of the best way to prepare a badger before eating :-

    - fill the body cavity with apples

    - re-seal/stitch closed

    - bury 18 inches below ground

    - leave it there and forget about it!

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    I married a Niseach so we still have a bit of guga when they come ashore.Only once a year(that's plenty enough for anyone). Caorach's absolutely correct in everything he says but I would just like to add that it's like greasy,salty, fishy duck and gives you a hell of a thirst for the rest of the night.Traditionally it's served with tatties boiled in their skin and a pint of milk(guga,banat is bonya). Enjoy

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