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Thread: Lightweight lean too seats

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    Lightweight lean too seats

    we have 22 leantoo seats around the estate, but we want three lightweight leantoo were one person can carry in and out, load in the boot etc, I've seen Reeves, but the gun rest is very flimsy, Bushwear do one, buit you need an extention as its quite low. Any one reccomend one heaviest stalker will be 15stone. He needs to do more walking than sitting, I know, dig deep I need some suggestions. Deerwarden

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    Hi Deerwarden

    I bought a lightweight from JagerSport last year and must say it is very good. Quite expensive but sturdy and weighs about 12.5 Kgs so easy to carry. Good adjustable rail.

    Check the link -



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    Ooops, forgot to say. The seat is not exactly a "folding seat" as it comes in 3 sections which I happen to prefer. Just thought I should mention that.


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    Sorry blot that's got to be the most ridiculous price i have seen for a cheap lean to seat. Then the rest of the site seems even fecking worse/
    I bet he cant look you in the face quoteing them prices.

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    nothing just suits you does it!!always complaining, always argumentative,always superior...
    If you can't say anything constructive then don't say anything at all!!

    Are you sure you aren't H5 or Jacobs in disguise...

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    i have the bushwear one, shot fox and deer from at at ranges upto 150m,

    its not too low for where i shoot, in fact the last time i fell from it into the stingers it was the correct height for me

    the quality in not top class, but its ok for me, i've had it 12 months now and it spent last winter on the landy roofrack, and all summer chained to the same tree (i have now found the key ) just lent it to a keeper friend to sort a problem feeder raider or two.

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    I'll second Blot's suggestion of the Jagersport seat - true, not cheap, but the build quality is good and there's the option of a ladder extension if you want more height. I've had mine about 7 years now and it's lasted well & is easy for a 1 man move about.

    I'ver seen some quite practical lightweight seats made out of an aluminium ladder and plastic chair, but the H&S nazis wouldn't approve....

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    Griff i put up a response to a post about a site that sells high seats now while you might have a lot of cash and think that an aluminium ladder with a seat on top is worth 425 i certainly don't now i don't think that my reply will have up set anyone until you jumped onto it again have you got a problem with me if so sort it off site.

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    thanks guys for the opions, I appreciate your imput, I sat in a reeves last night, the bar is quite flexible to rest your rifle but I'm told if you take 6" off its much better. They all seem about that price, but if they last years so be it.

  10. #10 ortingGoods_Hunting_ShootingSports_ET?hash=item150 316202310&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1298 |66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

    I have seen these in operation and they are good value.

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