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Thread: Best Round?

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    Best Round?

    ok, i think i have given myself an aneurism with the reserch so far........
    in short, what is the best all round bullet weight for a .308? i can sort out MV later, but i need some guidence from more competent stalkers who have shot deer with an aray of weights!!
    i want to limit damage as best i can but ensure a kill at the same time.
    thank you all for your help so far!
    ps. if anyone knows of an RCBS press going id be interested.

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    Any given bullet will perform differently according to the speed it is travelling at when it strikes the beast. So, if your MV is high, and your shots are generally in woodland and close up, then a light for calibre frangible bullet may well cause a lot of damage. However, if shooting on the hill at 200yds, by the time the same bullet has slowed down a bit it may perform in a different manner regarding the damage it causes.

    Personally, with a 308 (which I use) I would not get too hung up on it. Many on here use 125grn Ballistic Tips and find them acceptable. i use 150grn Sierra Game Kings and the performance on Sika is superb, small exit hole and very little damage.

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    had very good resulty with 165 partition in respect to good knock down and minimum damage.


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    I would say either 150g or 165 grain if going for conventional lead and gilding alloy construction or 130 grain if going for monometal a la Barnes TSX. Lighter bullets in conventional construction can be a little erratic with respect to meat damage

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    I use 150gr Nosler homeloads infront of 43.5gr Viht N140 and have found them deadly accurate cloverleafing at 200m (tho i dont shoot deer at this distance) and dont cause too much damage


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    If you asked me this question in the past I would have suggested the cup&core 165gn that shot the best in my rifle. Through experiences with 180gn winchester Power Points I believe it's about perfect. It's not a speed merchant, but it opens well and doesn't blood-shot meat. capt david

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    thats great guys, thank you......... i think my next load will be Scruns,,,, i am very interested as i do favour N140.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fingers View Post
    thats great guys, thank you......... i think my next load will be Scruns,,,, i am very interested as i do favour N140.
    Hope it goes well. Please let me know how you do.

    For your info I shoot a Sauer 90 - not sure on twist rate or barrel length - never bothered to measure. If zero'd at 100y I get a drop of 6.5 inch at 200y. I don't know the velocity. However reverse engineering it from the drop rates ( i know the purists will have a shocked intake of breath - well I have no chrono ) I calculate velocity around 2260 fps - tho i could be way out. If zero'd at 150 i'd have to aim low by 1.5 inch at 100 and high by 3.7 inch

    The Nosler Reloading Guide 6 quotes max for V140 of 46.5gr and min of 42.5gr ( which was the most accurate load for them ) being 109% and 100% of Nosler 308 case capacity and giving 2887 and 2645 fps respectively

    Hope this helps



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