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    Hi All,

    Over the last few weeks i have found myself thinking 'that would make a great piccy' on more than one occasion but my digital camera is a bit dated and a bit bigger than i'd like to carry with me all the time.
    So my questions to you are what type of camera do you guys use? do any of you use camera phones?
    I'm not looking to spend a fortune as the missus wont let me take the family camera shooting in case it gets dead germs on it!!!!

    Any ideas,

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    Re: Cameras

    Quote Originally Posted by ezzy6.5
    I'm not looking to spend a fortune as the missus wont let me take the family camera shooting in case it gets dead germs on it!!!!
    Dead germs aren't a problem mate - it's the live ones that'll kill you!

    Like all techie stuff you can end up chasing perfection and as fast as you buy the latests, bestest, quickest etc it is out of date. My phone camera is rubbish and I can't work out how to get the pics off it and onto my PC. I carry a little Casio job that does pics and movies - thought it was the proverbial Dogs Bs at 7.2 megapixels. Just seen on the box Argos (I think) are doing a 10 megapixel job at 79!

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    When I am stalking I carry a small compact digital Nikon 7900 that I have had for a few years, it is 8mp (I think) and has a reasonable zoom, flip over lens cover etc.

    It seems quite robust and has been out in some crap conditions - although I dont have it exposed only when I want to take a picture.

    It was reasonably priced - dont know what they are now - probably superceded by a new model now.

    I think some makers now do dedicated waterproof / weather proof small digitals now, which may be worth a look?

    Regarding camera phones - even the high MP ones are pretty poor when you compare them to the digital compact cameras.

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    I used to have a SLR with all the kits including 500mm lens. Started with a digital compact Fuji and liked it but wanted more magnification, so I went for a second hand Fuji 5600 on ebay. The idea was to avoid the hassle of separate lens etc, it has worked really well, its practical to take stalking with a rifle, and the results please me.

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    12m pixel yes 12m pixel camera just advertised in the sale down from 199 to 99 bargain I reckon.

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    you cannot beat a panasonic tz5 , 10x optical zoom, so you dont loose detail, image stabilizer,low light capability dont get sucked into the whole pixel thing, the sensors on compacts are no good for 10-12m pixels, only slr's with there huge sensors can really get the benefit from them.

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    Just bought a Panasonic TZ4 has a 10X zoom lense and 8M pixles and so far it's looking good has 1M pixles less than the TZ5 and is 50 cheaper....

    To add to 1shot1kill's comment about pixels you can't tell the differenece between 8 and 12 million with the human eye unless you start zooming in on the picture when it's on the PC.

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    I also agree with the comments on pixels, they only really come into play on a compact when producing large scale prints. A 6mp SLR will easily out perform a 10mp compact in terms of sharp focus, depth of focus and picture quality.

    Any compact with 5mp or above is going to be fine. I tend to look for one with a bigger screen so I can more easily see what I've taken.

    I had a Nikon Coolpix with 3.2mp and now have a Samsung P800 with 8mp and quite frankly there is little discernible difference in picture quality. The Samsung is more compact and has a bigger screen.

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