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Thread: 26mm Mounts for cz

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    26mm Mounts for cz

    Im trying to mount a docter 8x56 with 26mm tube on my mates cz 527 varmint, anyone know where i would get 26mm mounts for it? I have had it in 1" optilocks with no problems but obviously this will not work with the cz?

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    A few years ago I was putting a Docter 8x56 on my HMR and could not get any mounts. south Yorkshire shooting suplies offered to sell me some 30mm rings and mounts and make me some delrin inserts to make up the difference. In the end I made my own by boring out some 1" rings in the lathe and lapping them on the rifle.
    I would have thought any competent gunsmith or engineer for that matter could make some spacers for you.
    Failing that I did find some Apel's that fit the 26mm tube but they were no good for the HMR rail.


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    Look at

    Another solution could be the use of something like Leupold 26mm weaver type rings mounted onto adapter blocks such as those made by sportsmatch.

    With regard to Optilock mounts - they are designed to take both 1" and 26mm tubes, the plastic collars take up the difference.
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    Ernst Appel do conventional rings, as well as the more fancy swing-off mounting systems. I didn't know this myself until recently but got a clue from SD.

    The articles you need are for a 18mm dovetail - 26mm tube - EAW part no. 187-81041

    Sorry, but I don't have any idea where you can find a stockist.
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    I had this problem with my 527 & 550 so I ordered mounts from warne,imo better than factory and cheaper.
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    have you tried edgar brothers at macclesfield

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    i was same trying to mount a 8x56 pecar to a cz in 243.
    in finish i bought the highest sturdiest mounts i could find from local gunsmiths suitable for the cz and machined them out at work on the machine centre.
    if your going to do that though make sure you put a 1mm packing in between to give the rings some bite.thats what i did and it worked a treat. cheers

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    I was going to suggest a set of Burris rings made for the CZ. Top Notch stuff.~Muir

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