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Thread: Trophy feral goats

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    Trophy feral goats

    I filmed these goats while deerstalking on my lease in Scotland.
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    Nice, were they easy to stalk into or was that a good zoom?

    Did they stink?

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    He wasnt hard to get close to,i just dropped into a dip and came out about 50 yds away. He didn't spook until I was 30yds from him, like most feral goats they are not hard to stalk unless they have been hunted hard.


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    Have you shot either of them or are they still there?

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    They are still there,when they get to that size they tend to go off on their own.In bad weather they stay in the trees and dont venture out onto the open hill much.

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    Nice couple of goats Gary
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I was waiting for the bang! Great looking animals though, would make a superb trophy.

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    can somebody explain to me why shooting one of those would result in a trophy
    a barony original

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    Like many other animals which are hunted,I beleive the SCI (Safari Club Internationl) has a scoring system for the Feral Goat. So just like a Roe Buck or Red Stag when the antlers or Horns reach a certain length it will qualify as a trophy. It is up to the individual if he chooses to hunt a Feral Goat as a Trophy.


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