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Thread: My first Roe with 'Hole Shot'

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    My first Roe with 'Hole Shot'

    I recently had the opportunity to stalk my first Roe with SD member 'Hole Shot'. Arrangements were made and after an early rise at 5 am my Son and I travelled to Perthshire to meet up before first light.
    My Son went with another SD member 'Kenny' and I went with 'HS' to another area a few miles away to fields where Deer had been spotted the morning before. We then set off on foot.

    It wasn't long before 'HS',using his swaro binos, spotted a group of four or five deer, I couldn't see them with the naked eye! I can't tell you if it took twenty minutes or an hour and twenty to get closer to them, I was so focused on trying to get into a good position without spooking them.

    As it got lighter the deer started moving towards a heavily wooded area and by the time we managed to get within range, for me, they had gone into thick cover so there was no chance of a shot. Two more deer were spotted so 'HS' and I virtually crawled into position lying in the middle of a field, these two also nipped into thick cover so no chance of a shot there either.

    I saw something moving towards us and 'HS' confirmed it was a large, very dark coloured, Fox which frustratingly also ducked in amongst the trees and disappeared but soon after that another, smaller, fox poped out and 'HS' swiftly dispatched it with his .243.

    Walking back to the car we spotted another deer off to our right,on its own, in some rushes. I lay down, got comfy, and took the shot using 'HS's .270. It wasn't a large roe and perhaps a bit underweight but still my first roe

    'HS' then rolled up his sleeves and showed me how to gralloch the beast, something that I had never done before - another lesson learned. I was then informed by 'HS' that "the only thing I drag is my feet" meaning that I was going to be dragging the deer carcas all the way back to the car un-assisted

    As we drove back to meet up with 'K' and my boy yet another deer was spotted standing,on its own, in the middle if a field. Out we got, I lay down and got comfy and waited for the perfect broadside on shot. I squeezed the trigger, the .270 kicked and the deer dropped.This was a larger doe in stunning condition and after admiring its beauty I deftly gralloched the beast under the watchful eye of 'HS'.

    Just before we met up with 'K' and my boy we spotted three more deer and this time 'HS' expertly took the shot.This was an even larger doe, in lovely condition and very heavy!!

    Unfortunately the other two had not managed to get a shot although they had seen several deer. The morning ended with some target shooting so my son could have a shot of the .243's and the .270 and he managed to show us all up by putting every shot in virtually the same hole

    I cannot thank 'Hole Shot' & 'Kenny' enough for a truly unforgetable experience and I would suggest that if you ever get a chance to go out with these guys that you grab it with both hands.


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    Superb - thanks for posting!

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    very nice write up indeed. Having got my first roe doe recently myself, it is something you won't ever forget.



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    Well done Cerealthriller, and well done the guys who helped him - no easy task. I've done some stalking and tried to get my mate it his first roe - talk about bad luck!!! Eventiually we got one and he's gone on to get his first solo, hope you do soon!

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    Well done mate on your day hope your son loved it as well.

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