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Thread: tim shaw on guns sky 183 now

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    tim shaw on guns sky 183 now

    Seems to be looking at all aspects openly!.

    ATB Barry

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    god bless america where guns are guns and every body is nervous,surely the chap in virginia the bullet goes further than his voice did proclaiming the range was live lol

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    He didn't half get off on firing the guns though eh? He was slavering all down his chin like a kid in a sweet shop.

    Shame as with all these shows he didn't have the balls to stand up in favour of firearms

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    Sorry for digging up such an old post. I just felt I should address this.
    Hey everyone! My name is James and I live in Virginia. I was the bearded "chap" in the fore mentioned documentary.

    Keith, I actually thought having to yell out was a rather stupid idea. However, the insurance company that the filming crew had cover the shoot, required that I do so. I guess it made sure no deer were around.
    If you have any questions about the documentary feel free to ask.

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