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Thread: will i have to adjust load from new brass to fire formed

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    will i have to adjust load from new brass to fire formed

    thinking of getting a lee loader and as i have only had my 308 for a few months i dont have that much empty brass. some of which dosnt like loading in my gun.

    therefore if i buy a bag/box of new brass and work up a load will i have to change the load once the brass is formed to my gun.

    cheers pj

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    If i change any component in my reloads i start the process again from scratch, just to be on the safe side of things. Normaly once the brass is fireformed to your chamber you don't have to change anything.

    regards Robbo

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    ok thanks. i suppose if i use brass by differant makes that i have that will make the same load perform differantly ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pj1 View Post
    ok thanks. i suppose if i use brass by differant makes that i have that will make the same load perform differantly ?
    I use a mix of Lapua and Norma brass. Both shoot identically. But brass any other manufacturer shoots very differently. Each different manufacturers cases have a slightly different volumes, thickness of wall and different composition, so each shoots slightly differently. I can only presume that Lapua and Norma are made by the same people or to the same standards, or perhaps i'm just lucky . So best find a case and load that works and stick with that.

    Have fun


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    Quote Originally Posted by scrun63 View Post
    , or perhaps i'm just lucky .
    this. they each make their own

    I use the Lee Loader for 270 and 243.
    I started on once fired brass from these rifle but have also loaded brand new factory brass (Lapua).

    The loader only neck sizes which IMO is perfect for the one gun owner/loader. If you have brass that really doesnt want to chamber then you will have to get a kind soul to full length resize it for you unless you just sell it and use once fired from your own rifle.

    I have been lucky as I have access to hundreds of Norma 270 rounds fired in a rifle with a smaller chamber than mine so the fit perfectly. once i have fired them they are all fireformed to my rifle and just get the neck sizing treatment.

    I dont get different points of impact from the fireformed loads to the zero fired loads, if there is it is not enough to overshadow my inability to put them all in one hole!

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    thanks bewsher. i only have a small amount of once fired through my gun so might just get 50 new cases and start with everything the same. just didnt fancy spending time getting a load just right then finding i have to do it all again because its differant after brass being fired once. although i think i will be looking for the excuses to try new loads as i seem to have caught the bug. been looking on line for brass and bullets and pwder etc. there is so much choice its a bit bewildering. still have a few days off now so can hopefully have a good search and see what takes my fancy.

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