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Thread: .308 norma ballistic tips

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    .308 norma ballistic tips

    I have a .308 and have had suggested to me that 150gn Norma Ballistic-Tips are the way forward for deer stalking in the UK. I have heard mixed reports and reviews. I would be interested in other stalkers experiences of this 'round'. I shall be purchasing factory loads only and not re-loading.


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    These Norma BT's shoot to same POI as the Sako 123gr in my Howa .308........whilst nothing has ever gotten away from me after being hit by the BT's i still can't get my head round the fist sized hole left in a Roe's butt cheek after hitting it square through the ribs ??? - there are a lot of folk on this forum that will have shot a lot more deer and pig with this round and who will have a far better opinion of this ammunition than me though.......i was getting it for 33 a box and the Sako for for me i'm back to the Sako for good. I have no interest in stretching my barrel so BC's won't be worth worrying about and standard soft point ammunition is all i'll need....if i were you i'd give it a go though, i've always had a soft spot for Norma, shot many of their 196gr rounds through a nice Mauser 8x57....but that's another story.......PS the Federal 150 grain BT's shot to the same POI too !!! - Good luck with whatever you choose.......Cheers - Angus

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    Hiya camodag

    I started with a 308 and decided i NEEDED Norma Nosler BTs 150gr, much to the mickery taking of some of my mates. And ............ I loved them. The rifle shot cloverleaf at 100 yrds at targets - took down deer straight away and didnt cause excess damage. I now load my own and still use the Nosler bullets but use either Norma cases I previously shot as factory ammo or Lapua cases. I load 43.5gr of Viht N140 and am now cloverleafing at 200yrd and havent tried any further targets - yet. And they cause no more damage than none BT bullets. So go ahead use Bts and make your own mind up, but i'd recommend them.

    I might be visiting my Bro in Ormskirk sometime in the New Year - if you're not too far away we could meet at a local range and you could see how you like shooting BTs through my rifle. PM me if you're interested



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    Thankyou Bill for taking the time to respond with this information. What you say regarding the 'outrageous' exit point after a square-on rib shot is interesting as this something similar to what I'd been told previously.



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    Thanks Scrun for your input. What you say is 'comforting' to know. Kind offer you make re your visit to Ormskirk. If by then I am still unsure I will take you up on that...tho' a range would be unecessary, one of my farms would do fine. Thanks once again.



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    much to some folks dismay i shoot 150 gr bt norma in 308 and 6.5x55 120 gr bt in norma love em both suit my steyrs .shot a 180lb spiker last week and actually got an exit hole about the size of a 50 pence and it was shouldered .have shot munty upto stag sized animals without evaporating the carcases try em you wont be dissapointed only slightly worse off as they aint cheap
    regards norma

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    The more I stalk and the more people I talk to who stalk the more people I find who have had issues with just about every make of bullet going.

    The first 10 deer I gralloched were shot with a .243 using Lapua 100gr premium bullets, 8 out of 10 of the perfectly chest shot deer had burst rumens and massive internal damage. I now know enough to say that this is more likely to have been a bullet problem than anything to do with cartridge size. But it put me off the .243.

    I have friends who use the BT in 6.5, 7mm and .308, two supply venison into the restraunt business and have never had a carcass refused or money knocked off because of excess damage.

    I know people who swear by Berger bullets, yet others hate them. The same can be said of most other makes of bullet, some will love them and others who hate them.

    This is probably the most re-occurring thread on the forum and i will probably never get involved in another as they are starting to bore me, but the BT comes in two sorts; Varmint and Game. I have yet to see any credible evidence that Game BT's cause excessive damage to the deer carcass when compared to any other permium bullet.


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