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Thread: New leather lined wellies - Aigle, Chameau, etc. ?

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    New leather lined wellies - Aigle, Chameau, etc. ?

    Which ones? Anyone have any comments on:

    Aigle Parcours Prestige - 250 but seen for 185
    Hunter Balmoral Sovereign - 299 but seen for 200
    Chameau Vierzon Leather (new) - 225
    Chameau Chasseur Leather - 299

    Seen plenty of comments about the Chasseur zips...
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    I've had 2 pairs of Hunter leather wellies which have lasted a long time (7 years + each) which were used for beating/shooting /stalking and I found them to be comfortable, warm and didn't make my feet sweat. Recently treated myself to a new pair of Hunter Balmoral Sovereigns but found them to be a poor fit (very bulky) and not the same quality as the previous ones (think the earlier pairs were made by Gates of Dumfries). Ended up selling them and buying a pair of Blackislander boots and haven't looked back.


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    Meindel Kiruna are very good.

    R Mcleods sell them

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    The following is my opinion and how they have suited me.
    Never had Aigle but tempted to give them a go,
    Hunter balmoral, really well built, great soles but found they are giving me blisters on the ankle, seem far too large across the ankle and in the calf, may be fine with trousers but flop around with breeches.
    Never had vierzon
    Chameau chasseur were great the first pair I had 6 years ago lasted for ages, the next three pairs I've had haven't made 6 months and whilst all were replaced under warranty (24 mths) I hate having to keep going back. Both sole construction and zip have been changed and in my opinion down graded which is a great shame. It should be noted that I virtually live in my boots at this time of year.

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    I used to have a pair of leather lined Chameau that split across the sole and the manufacturers were not interested in repair or replacement so I won't be buying their products again. For everday use in drier weather I use Brasher supalite, very wet conditions green hunters, most of my shooting is done in a pair of all leather Hunters which took about 2 years to break in but are really robust. I also have a pair of newish Musto Buckden which although very comfortable from the outset the leather looks a bit on the thin side.

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    I managed to pick up a pair of Hunter Sovereigns for something daft like 69 from Opicswharehouse, supposedly blemished stock (nothing that i can see) plus not many people have sz13 feet. They have been brilliant, have had them 2 years very comfy, warm and quiet.

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    i think that dunlop sport wellies are very warm, comfortable and durable

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    I have never owned wellies of any sort for several years now. The reason I stopped getting them was that you can get a good pair of boots for the same price. Boots feel better and last longer.

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    After trashing my knee earlier this year, I bought a pair of Hunter Sovereigns off a mate who couldn't get on with the pair he'd bought - the main reason I took them wasn't the leather lining but the zip up sides....a LOT easier to get on and off without straining and twisting my knee.

    Anyway - they're great. Very warm and very comfy. Slightly heavier than my Aigles (non-zippy), but I don't notice once I've got them on. I#d happily get another pair.


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