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    You out all night then????, wish I had a quid for everytime I'd heard Mrs Finnbear utter this one,What does your other half say when the guns & wellies come out?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Nothing, Roberta knows its a part who I am and is happy with it. She will come out and sit in a highseat with me. She will also run the lamp while out foxing.

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    Where are you going closly followed by when will you be back

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    why do you need all this stuff??? your not going on safari

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    Q, 'How long you going to be'
    A, 'Dunno it depends'

    Q ' do you think for just one weekend you might not go shooting?'
    A, 'yep of course, when the season is over'

    Q, will you sort these f***ing boots out of the hall way?
    A, when you sort your shoes out

    Q, how many hats have you got,
    A, lots

    My wife was an out and out townie when we first got together (she was a veggie) but she knew what she was getting into so she has no recourse. One thing she has never ever comented on is how much money I spend on shooting or kit.


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    everything with mrs foxxer is ok ie im goin shootin love ok im goin lampin love ok im goin hawkin love ok i think cos she is from devon

    she only knows a few words bless her

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    I like it Foxxer , The only time my Mrs moans about shooting is everytime she opens her mouth but my argument is always the same

    When i used to go to the pub most nights she moaned

    when i used to fish for days on end she would moan

    when i sit around the house she moans

    when i do any DIY she moans about the mess

    so ive came to the conclusion that whatever i do she will always moan , it worries me when she dose not moan Love Her

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    It’s the opposite in our house, if I don’t get my regular fix of shooting I become sullen and moody. The wife and daughters virtually drive me out of the door to “go to church”.

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