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Thread: Urban Foxes

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    Urban Foxes

    Happen to be in Bath near Victoria park in a quite urban area on Thursday eve. It was 8.30 pm still and cold and whilst walking down the road heard a vixen repeatedly calling in the valley below me, she was travelling quite quickly. He calls were being echoed by another vixen further up the valley. I doubt she was more than 100 yds away.

    Clearly fox love life is on the boil.

    Havent been out foxing for two weeks now, ground too wet but at least duck pond is now full and wheat is going.

    Merry Xmas to you all.


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    Here`s something from down under.

    Sly new twist on the fox problem

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    Seems like down under , the coin landed the other side up for Charlie!....... wonder if I could cut me a slice of that 39million dollars?
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    haha all those reds in such a small area isnt one of the tree huggers most used lines "leave them alone and they will naturally control there own numbers" clearly not the case then eh !!!!!!!!

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