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Thread: Posh rimfire

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    Posh rimfire

    Quick question. How much would be the maximum you would pay for a .22 rimfire? I am talking a rifle made by a company that makes traditional sporting shotguns. In the old days all the big names made rook rifles but would you pay for a .22 if it was made by an english gun maker?
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    no more than a top spec Cooper and then only if it shot as well or better.

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    Other than for bragging rights I would always choose a rifle (of any calibre) that shoots well, over one that has a fancy makers name on it.
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    A .22 or .17 must surely be the most used, essential and abused rifle by anyone who has to control rabbits, corvids or any other vermin or quarry in large numbers.

    For that reason alone and the abuse they go through, I would not dream of spending more than 500 for the whole outfit because in those calibres accurate rifles are available straight off the shelf.

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    It would solely depend on my finances. If I had the money to indulge like this then sure why not after all it will become a family heirloom.

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    are you thinking of the brett parsons rifle.

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    As far as the .22 & .17HMR rimfires are concerned I am quite happy with my CZ's. Given space on my FAC and a bottomless pocket I think a traditional rook rifle in .22 would be great fun, but probably more to borrow occasionaly rather than own.

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    +1 timbrayford, CZ's do the job fine & dandy.

    Rgds, Buck.
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    Personally I would have a decent old walther sporting rifle over all others the barrels and trigger system on the old walthers take some beating, certainly better than my 35 year old Brno which I would gladly hand in if i could get a mint condition Walther.


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    I have never seen or used any rimfire as good as my Heym which has been covered in a recent thread.

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