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Thread: chest/stomach protection for working dogs

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    chest/stomach protection for working dogs

    hi,i have a 8 month old gwp who i will be using predominently for game.the problem is that i have taken him to 2-3 shoot days to get used to the sights and sounds of a typical days shooting,and whist walking the boundaries and joining in on a few drives he is getting cuts to his chest and stomach.hes becoming a cracking dog but in the words of one of the other dog owners on the shoot "he has no sense of self preservation due to his willingness".just wondering if any of you guys use or could recommend a chest or stomach vest/protector.regards gary.

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    Each to their own, but 8 months is very young for a dog to be let loose on a shoot, with guns going off and other dogs running about.

    Personally, I would get him finished with basic training so he hunts to your command (because it sounds like he is not trained), allow him to get accustomed to a shoot day with just you first of all and no other distractions, because my GWP was a puppy till she was 2.

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    As previous poster said very young to take to a shoot especially any of the HPR breeds , you won't get much sense out of them until they are at least 18 months.

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    Put him away now gary , take him on the last one in january but keep him on a lead . Spend the summer walking him to heel , i teach my gundogs 2 comands 1)heel up 2)sit/stop the rest they pick up along the way , but if you can stop your dog no matter what thats all you need to do . Hell calm down , remember when you first got let off the lead ?

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    AGREE with other posts, hes too young, only a baby, allowing him this amount free exercise whilst not under total control, can cause structural probs, go back basics let him be a pup, goodluck

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    I'm afraid I agree with everyone else 8 months is too young. I have an 18 month old gwp dog I'm bringing on that I have only just started to work beating and picking up and not even full days at that. It's often a mistake to give a gwp too much too young as they are hard to slow down later on when problems arise, if however you have concentrated on the basics and are confident with hell work and most important your stop whistle then you can let them have a bit and speed them up slowly. Not to mention the possible health implications regarding over work at a young age.

    As for body protection the only thing I have seen used is a neoprene jacket but they would be very warm in mild weather.

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    Chest and body protection will probably cause more problems
    Firstly the dog will think it is more invincible than it is
    Secondly it can get caught up , where as the skin will tear free
    Thirdly there may be a heat exhaustion issue
    Unfortunately you are in a position where your dog choice may not suit the ground you work
    Time and age may make a difference as well as the dog maturing, untill then go easy on the cover you expect the dog to work as deep chested do suffer badly if your not careful

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    Ive often thought about chest protection for my Lab, he often gets scratched and torn whilst quartering over a restock site, its inevitable he will get stuck.

    My last Lab had a 4" stick pulled out his chest by the vet.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    i use a neoprene dog jacket for my springer because he is a total **** when it comes to barb wire i blow stop whistle but he goes instantly deaf when he on the back of a bird or rabbit so the waist coat i got for him protects him from thorns barb wire and saved me a few hundred pounds in vets bills just type neoprene dog jacket into google the made in someset some where they about 40 quid hope this helps dunno about training a deer dog not done that yet stu

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    My whippet is like a heat seeking missile on the rabbits etc. and she gets tore up almost weekly,but would never dream of putting any sort of protection on her as has been said you would almost certain to get her caught up somewhere,and if you can't see her/him and it stays mute,then who knows what might happen.


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