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Thread: schmidt double turn

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    schmidt double turn

    Attachment 11162Attachment 11163OK,here we have a schmidt and bender 3-12-50 doudle turn scope comes with apel pittnay rail mounts and a sun shadein very good condititon,,,,,but,,,,in picture two there is an attempt to catch a mark on the objective lens,it does not affect the picture at all,but being a wee bit anal i thought i should say,it is about 6 oclock in the picture iot looks as if something has been sitting rubbing on the lens??!!dont know maybe a good clean with lens cleaner might remove it? right open to offers,to get a reply P.M me and i shall reply all i am going to give this a go then it shall be off to fleabay cheers.

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    Depending how old it is , send it back for a service , you could be pleasantly surprised.

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    dont know how old it is but havin the double turn,surely it aint that old??you normally have to pay for such a service yes??? the pic is as clear as a bell any way,there is still a lot of money involved,cheers.

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    Is it a PM II?
    34mm tube?
    What Reticle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Is it a PM II?
    34mm tube?
    What Reticle?
    yeah quite right sorry,i think it will be 34mm looking at the tube,it is the mil dot reticle,no bother,first decent offer and it is awa.

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    a lovely pm11,sensibly priced,peanuts wont buy these...

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    Quote Originally Posted by yetidude69 View Post
    how about Pistachio then...?*
    hhaaah ooh bettie,yon malt vinegar ones from markies,now yer talkin...

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    800 posted any good to you?


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