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Thread: My mate gets number 2

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    My mate gets number 2

    Had a phone call this evening from a mate im mentoring saying do ya fancy a walk out later with the lamp,well silly question,i said see ya at 7pm,got to our choice of farm,got the gear out quick lamp round nothing,carried on a bit see 1 fox about 180yds but too close to the airport so i said we will leave him and carry on,walked in to another field see another about 350yds head down and trotting to the left,we got behind a hedge put caller on got its attention and it appeared at the bottom of the wood,then headed up the headland trying to wind us zig zaging like they do,then it looked at us and started coming like a steam train,but headed through a gate way into another field and we lost site of it,waited about 15mins and no show so i said we will take a slow walk in to next field,lamp on and there it was about 145 yds just sitting there with its back towards us but on top of the hill so we moved slightly round to the left to get a safer shot,now side on looking straight at us,my mate then rested on the sticks sighted it up and whack down it went,got up to it and it was a large dog hit smack in the head, with a dinner sized plate of deer skin it was trying to bury,so was worth the little trip out for a hr or so for him to get another one under his belt,he now has 2 fox and 1 munty to his name,hopfuly some more on our early mornig stalk on boxing day...........

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    thanks mate was a good fox . hope to see the deer on doxing day need some meet for dinner

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