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Thread: chritmas pressys

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    chritmas pressys

    come on what did you get ,without buying it yourself.i got a lee reloading stand and a set of 30-06 dies off my lads,thats the best thing about having a son that shoots.

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    got a ridgeline smock, and a mate got me a pair of huntech gaiters from new zealand, but i know there is a book on deer waiting for me so dont know what else awaits wont be opening them for a while yet,

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    Got some of that stuff Basil has been selling.
    The wife got me so much don't where I am going to store it!!

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    A Kahles C 3-12-56 L 4A


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    zeiss conquest 6.5x20 x50 if i cant see properly with that i will give up shooting

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    where men are men and sheep are worried
    A jar of marmalade made with whiskey and a bds calender !! Humbug
    The hinting of new gaitors or even fuel for my handwarmer fell on deaf ears !!!

    Cant wait for easter ill put a request in now

    Mates just fetched me ltr bottle of whiskey as a thankyou for a rodent problem i delt with .
    There is a god after all .

    Have a good one .

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    a little acorn trail cam with mms facility that will send pics to your phone
    just got to work out how to set it all up now

    regards pete .

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    Harkila jumper, thinking of selling my coats now it is so good.

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