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Thread: terriers eating own faeces

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    terriers eating own faeces

    im feeding all my dogs on a diet of raw tripe but recently my terriers have started eating their own **** ,only them and not my other dogs i just wondered if anyone else has encountered anything like this and if so could it be due to the high fat content in the tripe remaining undigested ,any info please?
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    I'm not sure why they do it but its not unusual and it will start out of the blue, only affecting individuals although they are kenneled with others on the same feed.

    If you include pineapple in their feed it will stop as the faeces will pecome acidic and unpalatable.

    I'll ask my Mrs why they do it when she is back from work ( vet ).

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    Thought you was gonna say she eats pineapple! Sorry il will get my coat!

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    Had a problem with this an our old dog so i asked the vet. he thought with the old dog it would probably be senility, he said that sometimes when dogs get old they will just start to chew and eat things they would not normally. the other option was a mineral/vitamin deficiency of some kind but as he had a good varied diet of complete plus titbits and veg from us he didnt think that would be it. i have heard that although tripe is often fed to dogs it can be very deficient in various nutrients...not sure as i have never fed it to my dogs. i was told that it is common as it is cheap but it can mean problems with not getting enough nutrients??
    hope you get it sorted....put the missus off giving the big dog a hug for a
    atb and Merry Xmas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Thought you was gonna say she eats pineapple! Sorry il will get my coat!
    Your a bad man!

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    Just raw tripe? That is in no way a balanced diet. Fine to make up the bulk but if that is all they are getting I would suggest a decent quality commercial dog food with correct mineral balance and expect the problem to stop. Coprophagia is a potential sign of non-specific mineral deficiency.

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    Used to have a lab that would follow one of my spaniels about waiting till he dumped so that she could eat it. She only did this with one dog. Nothing would stop her doing this . Her diet was exactly the same as my other dogs but they did not eat their own nor any other dogs. Vet reckoned it was a habit.

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    Sure I heard it was as a result of a mineral deficiency in their diet. Guess the worry is that over time it could become habit. Guess it's the same way as pregnant women get cravings. Their bodys are missing minerals and as a result have been known to eat odd things.

    Don't know why they carry on doing it after they give birth though, costing me a fortune in coal !

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    I dont see the problem.

    Less to clean up!
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    pineapple juice on their food will help but cut down on tripe add some good dry food with it , give them a bit of change beef , lamb , chicken mince . What sort are they ?

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