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Thread: Stupid Bloody Stupid, Argh.

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    Stupid Bloody Stupid, Argh.

    Sorry not Deer orientated other than my puppy just ate 2kgs of prepared VENISON,. All ready to go in a Game terrine for tommorrow!!. Put it in a colander to drain out of harms way !! I thought , popped into the garage two minutes I swear! GORN THE POT BELLIED scrounger got the lot! No terrine as I wanted but a lesson learned , My prepped and pre cooked Toikey is in the garden, in the middle of the table cooling down under the washing basket with two breeze blocks on top, and me on poacher watch!!!
    Hope that is all that goes wrong !!
    have a good one
    Regards Trapper.

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    Sorry mate but i had to laugh. I`ve just made a venison, rabbit and wood pigeon with chestnut and cranberry stuffing turrine for our Canadian visitors.
    Have a good christmas one and all.

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    Sorry its happened I reckon to anyone with a dog, I know, it has happened to me.

    Merry Christmas

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    PS Trapper the dog says have a good Christmas and don't forget him next time

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