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Thread: My family and I are lucky to be alive.

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    My family and I are lucky to be alive.

    On Christmas eve I was involved in a head on collision on the A46. My Zaffy was written off and only due to a miracle myself and my five young kids walked away from it with an assortment of seat belt bruises and scratches.

    We had spent the evening at my girlfriends and were travelling home from BOA to Yate via the A46. A about 11pm we were going through a windy bit near Nymlett when we were confronted by a blue car coming sideways around the bend. All I remember was a huge bang,glass went everywhere, the air bags went off and I managed to keep my Zaffy on the road.

    When we stopped I had a car full of screaming kids, I couldn't see as my specs had been broken and were lost in the car. My door wouldn't open and my 16 year old son got us all out of the car. His actions were quite remarkable considering what had happened. The resulting 999 call produced a rapid response unit, 3 ambulances and 2 police cars.

    We were quickly transported to A@E at RUH and quickly assessed. I don't know how but we escaped with minor injuries, although I feel as if I have been beaten up with a baseball bat. The A@E staff were brilliant and the youngest came out with Xmas presents.

    It turned out that the car that hit us was travelling backwards when it hit us having spun out of control on the bend.

    The driver allegedly said he had swerved to miss a deer!

    My son tells me that we were hit almost directly head on and my bonnet went under the car which rode up and shattered the windscreen infront of my head.

    Apparently the car, a blue vectra ended up pointing the wrong way some 20yds further down the road.

    We didn't sleep to well last night and Xmas day has been some what shattered. My one and only daughter stayed with he mum (my Ex) and seems to be quite badly shocked. She had been hyper on Xmas eve and was so looking forward to he presents today.

    Thinking back we could well of had 3 fatalities so last night somebody was looking after us.


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    Glad you are all well.somebody was looking after you today. enjoy as best as you can

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    Makes you appreciate being alive when you come close to death. Glad you are ok and hope no one was badly injured in the other car

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    Puts things into perspective doesn’t it? Hope you all feel better soon.

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    Driver of the Vectra walked away without a scratch, he must of gone back into his seat. If he happen't of hit us he would of gone straight into the crash barrier, and could have gone straight over into the steep valley at the road side. When he hit me we probably saved his life.


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    Glad you're ok and will be mended soon and while you might not be thinking about compo right now, it will at least be worth a trip to disneyland or similar to make up for the shock of what happened. I seem to remember bruises are worth a grand or two!

    ATB mate

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    Sorry to hear that, mate. Glad you're all (ralatively) unscathed. All the very best to you and your children.

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    As the others have said - so glad to hear that you all came out of this relatively OK...

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    Glad you all came through relatively unharmed.

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    Glad you are all ok

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