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Thread: Ancdm deer manager

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    Ancdm deer manager

    Could someone please exsplain what this is. I have just seen it next to the deer managers name on an Estase website . it said he has an ANCDM in deer managment. Thanks guys

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    Hi fox slayer its Advanced National Certificate in Deer Management

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    Never seen this certificate befour are the courses still run

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    Quote Originally Posted by fox slayer View Post
    Never seen this certificate befour are the courses still run
    Im not 100% sure but I think the DSC level two has taken its place.

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    Hi there Fox Slayer,

    The ANCDM is a recognised qualification that was the result of a years course at Sparsholt College, Hampshire. I attended the first one in 1988-89, and I believe that it was run for about four consecutive years after that. However, it has now become incorporated in the National Diploma in Game & Wildlife Managememnt.

    The ANCDM course was a superb course dealing with all aspects of wild, park & farmed deer management. My lecturer at the time was James Cordery (Now Deer Initiative), but I believe that as part of the NDGWM it covers only wild deer management - perhaps a small element of park deer.

    It was never anything connected with DSCL2, and was far in advance of any other deer management courses being run at that time, or since - in my opinion.

    Hope that helps mate.

    Merry Christmas.


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