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Thread: 18 month old GWP bitch for sale.

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    18 month old GWP bitch for sale.

    A friend who owns the brother to my GWP Griff has decided to get rid!! He feels it will be the wrong dog for the type of shooting he does. (this dog has only done basic training and has not been spoilt) It has never had any training as a deer dog, and has only in the last month been exposed to live game.
    It has a very good pedigree and he is open to offers.
    PM me if you want any more info or his contact number.
    The father to this dog is also for sale, he is aprox 3.5 yrs old, has been used to track the odd deer but has been trained as a HPR on pheasant etc. he is a good dog but lately has started to bump the odd bird instead of pointing them, may just need more work as his owner has just had knee surgery and has struggled to be able to take him out as much this season.
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    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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