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Thread: venison for xmas dinner

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    venison for xmas dinner

    well we may have a new tradition in our house .....fallow haunch for dinner on xmas day .it was fabulous with super veg, enough cold for supper and boxing day .well done mrs norma excelled yrself

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    Venison Wellington for me, mashed swede with butter and horseradish, glazed carrots and roast parsnips.


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    Pot roasted haunch of venison in a red wine and redcurrant sauce, roast pots, mashed carrot and swede and all the other trimmings, bloody lovely !

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    Bit more skint than usual this year, so popped out the thursday before x-mas and rounded up a pheasant.
    Never eaten it before, but removed the breasts and roasted them wrapped in bacon, served with all the normal veggies.
    Very nice and it will be repeated, soon


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    Muntjac loin medallions with cranberry and port sauce with trimmings. Lovely

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    This fallow haunch went down a treat :-)

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by neil_r View Post
    This fallow haunch went down a treat :-)

    That looks like the mutts nuts!! Bet it was delicious!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by neil_r View Post
    This fallow haunch went down a treat :-)

    top of the list

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    Venison wellington...nice young Sika.

    It really was "Kill it, cook it, eat it" for my wife

    & because it's been so wet & muddly lately I needed help to carry it...& guess who I draughted in...yep the wife

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    your just all a bunch of tight wads regards pete

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