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Thread: Another Lad from yorkshire

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    Another Lad from yorkshire

    Hi everyone
    i'm fairly new to the stalking scene, i've had my firearms for a few years now but only ever shot roe, some with Robbo one of which was on youtube courtesy of yorkshire roe stalking,
    My good lady and myself live here in west yorkshire we run a small kennel with mostly springers and five labs as well as working full time as a double glazing contractor, As i write this my good lady is sat with one of my best bitches waiting for the first infant to pop its little head out into the big wide word,
    the rifles i own are 17hmr and what a cracking little rifle it is foxes and bunnies don't like it though as they say they don't like it up em, I then have a saur 202 outback in 243 with which the above youtube video wouldn't have been possible, well it might because i also have a sako 75 hunter in 308 caliber which i took to Robbo's the last time i went then it rained and i wasn't going to take it if it looked like rain with it having a wood stock n all should have taken the saur, anyway hope thats enough of an intro from the springerman and hope to meet some of you guys soon

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    Let me guess,
    Hi jez,
    good luck with the pups.

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    welcome to the site and merry christmas! i have s springer and four labs myself! this is a cracking site with a lot of good people on it, i have learned so much just from reading on here. anyway hope you enjoy the rest of the typical happy christmas storyline in eastenders
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    How you doing Jez, merry Xmas mate and nice to see you on here, remember that the finest things come from sunny Wakefield!!


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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