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Thread: bullet puller how hard.

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    bullet puller how hard.

    firstly, merry christmas to all.
    can anyone tell me how hard you have to hit a bullet puller!!
    i have an rcbs pow,r pull.
    the instructions, say, short taps too dislodge tip. tried that, dont work.
    if you hit, too hard, there is a chance that the cartridge could explode.
    is this correct.
    with thanks, mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keeperstweed View Post
    ...can anyone tell me how hard you have to hit a bullet puller!!......
    Mark. A very topical question as I have just been laying into a lump of lead with my kinetic hammer. The answer is quite hard and you need to be hitting something that doesn't give. If you run a line round the bullet where the bullet meets the neck with a felt pen, you can see it start to move as you hit something solid. Usually I use the kinetic hammer to move the bullet back out slightly when I have been over enthusiastic when seating it. However, just now I thought I had filled the case incorrectly, so three blows and the bullet was out.

    Merry Christmas. JCS

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    bullet puller

    Hi, hit it hard. it will not explode. used one for years. Grizzly.

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    It depends on your neck tension I suppose.....

    I had a hammer type puller, I was surprised how hard I had to "Tap" it against a brick/slab to get the bullet removed. As for the cartridge exploding......I would doubt it, you need to strike the primer, the powder is inert by itself, it needs a source to ignite, you will not get a spark from the inertia hammer as it's all plastic, accept for maby the hammer stem, which will be aluminium, which is extremely difficult to get a spark from.....

    This is my opinion, and experiences, I will not be held liable for any accidents.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    It depends on the calibre. If it's .224 they're very lightweight bullets so the inertia effect at impact doesn't amount to very much.

    Sometimes bullets are crimped in or glued in with sealant, so need more whacking. It's usually best to break the initial grip by gently pushing the bullets a fraction deeper into the neck, then they pop out more easily.

    I've never had one go off in a hammer-type puller, and have done many hundreds over the years. I've only heard of one occurrence of a primer 'taking off' in that time.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    If primer ignited in an inertia puller it's because the operator got freaking pi$$ed and flung the dammed thing against the wall.~Muir

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    thanks all,
    i will give it a real good whack and see how it goes.
    but i see muirs, post about the pliers, a very good tip!!

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    i use half a concrete brick if the case is in tight one good wack usually does the trick and it saves the hammerite effect on the carpet!

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    Before I bought an RCBS collet puller I found the best thing to hit was the copper end of a big copper/hide hammer, this also keeps the noise down if that's important to you.
    (one hammer in each hand, not resting the hide one on the bench etc.)


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    well lads, i gave the hammer a good old whack on a paving slab, and hey presto!!
    the tip came out.
    i was suprised how hard you have too whack these things, but i got there in the end.
    thanks to all, for the advice given.

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