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Thread: a bad year

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    a bad year

    Just as the heading says it has been a crap year for me and my springer spanials ,just put another one down this morning gone the the happy hunting ground thats the forth one this year the mother , two sisters and a brother a poor show just jars me right off ,I'd have no problem putting people down but dogs really gets me where it hurts ,the memories i'll still have along with the photographs and the laughs.

    But alas life goes on, back from the Vet, the other three spaniels out the kennels and off for a good walk, you could see the other dogs looking for the big dog at there side to no avail.

    Just a bummer .

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    Sorry to here your bad news. I no how you feel I had one of mine put down thursday it dose not get any easier. All the best for the new year coming mate

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    Feel for you mate... why so many in one year? Can't all have C surely? What sort of age we talking?
    Understand if you don't want too discuss for a day or two.

    I have a sprocker pup who has been run over by quad, jumped out back of tractor cab and duffed up by a ram all before 4 months of age! I reckon he'll be good dog by next season, hybrid vigour fuelled.
    Sorry about your loss, you have good uns and not so good uns but you never get two the same.

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    There ages the mother 17 just, old age the two sisters 13.5 one with a cancer the other a mammary tumour , and him 13.5 vestibular disease had a 4 attacks this last one was enough his back end lost all connection to the brain he was running about like a nut case yesterday but this one was no fun to see .

    The vet couldn't understand how the one with the mammary tumour lasted as long as she did ,it was only when i put here sister down she just gave in within a few days, i breed them so they've been with me everyday since they were born except when i was in the hospital myself with cancer.

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    Its a real gut rencher I feel for you
    my last one had bone cancer in the skull dispite her pain she did not give up the vet xrayed her and took the discesion not to wake her up.she was a fantastic worker thankfully her grand daughter is laid in the satee now resting ready for thursday out.

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    Sorry about your loss, like you say the most painfull thing can be watching the other dogs looking out for there mate.
    Hope you have a much better 2012.

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    Those are some good ages, which show you chose well on your lines
    Letting a good dog and member of the clan go is the easiest part of the deal
    But you still hav the memories , both good and bad to put a grin on the ole muzzy when ever you think about them
    So sorry for your loss from one spaniel man to another

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    WS sorry to hear of your bad fortune it's never easy they ask for so little yet give so much. To loose so many in a year is hard. There memories live on as you will know. Brian

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    Im sorry for your loss , it brought a tear to my eye as my springer is my best mate , i couldnt imagine what i would do without him.

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