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    Parker Hale Action

    I have just put a Picatinny rail on my Parker Hale 6.5 x 55. It now shoots so well that I have decided to invest a bit more in it, fit a new trigger and keep it for stalking. The problem is that I don't know what action is in it.

    The gun is marked Midland Gun Company, Made in England and Model 2600. From what I have read it is either a Springfield 1903 (A3), a Mauser 98 or perhaps a hybrid. I have attached a few pictures below. I can pop the action out a photograph the internals if necessary.

    Any ideas please ...
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    It's neither a 1903 or a Mauser, it's a Midland from Parker Hale. Basically Parker Hale bought in a number of cheap surplus 1903 bolts and produced a receiver at minimum possible cost to fit the bolt and to take a barrel of their own manufacture. While the receiver is functional it should be remembered that these rifles only cost 160 brand new when they first appeared on the market. The picatinny rail that you have put on the rifle is probably worth more than the rifle itself. Personally I wouldn't bother replacing the trigger, the trigger that is fitted can be easily adjusted. I don't want to cause offence or disappoint you but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. If it shoots well just enjoy it but don't waste any money on it because you won't get it back.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I know that it is not a valuable piece, it is just a piece that I really like and don't mind spending a bit of cash to improve her just for the enjoyment.

    You say the existing trigger can be easily adjusted, can you expand on this please?

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    I don't have my copy of Rifle actions by Frank de Haas to hand at the moment because I've loaned it to a friend who has a Midland and wants to adjust his trigger. The trigger that Parker hale fitted is the same as they fitted on their Santa Barbara (Mauser) actions. If you do a search on this website I believe Brithunter posted a copy of the instructions on adjusting such triggers only a short time ago.
    It's quite simple really but does involve lifting the action out of the stock.

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    That is great, I can lower that trigger pull weight now and I am good to go. Thank You.

    For everyone who is reading this later the thread with the instructions on is

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