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Thread: I`ve treated myself.

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    I`ve treated myself.

    Hello all. With my redundancy i thought i`d treat myself.
    Firstly i`ll upgrade my Howa 243. Buy a new .22 rimfire and other goodies. Well, after my variation is sorted, i`ll be the proud owner of a new Steyr pro hunter mk2 coupled with...............wait for it................ a Swarovski z6i 21/2-15x56.BT scope and a cz rimmy.
    I looked at the Sako 85, but i didn`t like the stock. It was hollow sounding and had a typical plastic feel to it, where as, the Steyr had a more solid feel and i like the trigger/safety system.
    One of the best things was that my mrs didn`t mind me spending out one bit!!

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    well done

    Exciting stuff. I hope you really enjoy the new toys. I just got a 30-06 browning and am really enjoying coming to terms with it.
    Sorry about the redundancy tho'.
    Merry Xmas and a speedy variation in the New Year

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    hope you like the rifle mate

    i have just recieved the same scope but not got it fitted yet


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    Hope the new setup dose you well mate and hope the new job is better than the old

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    Hello Basil,

    Sorry to hear about your redundancy!

    Excellent choice going for the Steyr pro hunter; I have two, a 243 and 30-06 and chuffed to bits with both. Just wish I could stretch to the Swarovski too; you should end up with an excellent combo!

    I also have two CZ rimfires a.22 and .17HMR again really pleased with both, only mod I have done is fit a trigger kit to the HMR and I will do the same to 22 in due course.

    Happy hunting.


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    can't say I would totally agree with your choice of words, "upgrade"?
    I've been very impressed by all the Howa rifles that I've seen, and am tempted to give one a try myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57
    can't say I would totally agree with your choice of words, "upgrade"?
    I've been very impressed by all the Howa rifles that I've seen, and am tempted to give one a try myself.
    I use the word "upgrade" loosely because-
    Although the Howa is a great rifle, when you`ve had one for a while then use a better known name. You`ll feel the difference in quality.
    Howas don`t like the damp, rust sets in quickly.

    For a first rifle i couldn`t fault them but as you learn more you find the difference in quality compared to others.

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    I was unaware of any problems with rust as the two guys that I know who have bought Howas recently purchased stainless versions. I was very very impressed by accuracy out of the box, and by how much better they were machined than Remingtons. Triggers weren't brilliant but certainly a huge improvement on the Remington that I previously owned.
    Anybody reading this, please don't start the debate again on Remington triggers, as there is no way you will ever convince me to buy one again. Yes I tried the adjustment route and no it didn't really work, and yes I know that Remington have finally woken up and changed their trigger design.
    I am not entirely convinced by the Hogue stock on Howas, but I think I would probably drop a Howa into a H-S Precision stock which is the stock that Remington used to fit.
    Anyway good luck with the Mannlicher. As regards the CZ, you can't go wrong with them they just work, and work brilliantly once you've put the spring kit in.

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    Basil my old fruit ,
    just get on and enjoy your just rewards , ( may your plans bear fruit) so long as you are happy with your new toy crack on,. As I stated before we would all like a FERRARI! maybe ! Lamborghini. not much good in the mud though!.A decent 4x 4 yer in there!!. Whatever comments we make , we will All have something to say / neg/ or pos ,. Tight groups and enjoy, yer new toy ,.
    Trapper. ( me I have Tikkas now watch the flak).
    Hey guys this is Basil's thread!!

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