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Thread: Sound Moderator or Silancer MYM

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    Sound Moderator or Silancer MYM

    Admin edit: No intro, just spamming your wanted ad everywhere.
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    Why dont you just got to a gunshop and buy one???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romeo View Post
    Hi everyone,I am starting this new thread just because am I urgently looking for a sound moderator or Silancer (MYM) ,ASE Ultras 5 Calbres 25 as I have a TIKKA T3 Super Varmint Gun with the following charactheristics:
    M18 X 1 ,THREAD 17 ,MODEL H8 ,Calibre 6,5 x 55 .
    For all those who can help me I am intersted to buy it either is new or used.

    I would really apreciate if you give this a matter and I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as posible,also please let me know how much it cost and what is your method of payment.
    Thank you!
    So no intro and you spammed the site with this rubbish all over the place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopper View Post
    Why dont you just got to a gunshop and buy one???
    +1 if you are that desperate go and buy one

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    All spam posts removed.

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    Excuse me ,what is your problem ?If you can not help ,you woud better shut up !

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    Hi and thank you for not responding so nasty as others.The real problem I can not buy from a shop it is I am not from Uk,I have just my brother in low living in London and in every shop I asked to buy this moderator I was told to provide Uk legal documents which I have not got. my country I could not find it at the moment...that is the reason I would like to buy a sound moderator from UK either is new or used.Can anyone help me to buy without specigic documents ?I am in London on the 1st-6th of January .
    Thank you !

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    Excuse me! I am new on this site but I am not a english guy and I am urgently looking to buy a sound moderator or silancer while I am in London during the 1st-6th of January.
    Because in my country I could not find the item and in the British website I have been asked to provide Uk documents,I am thinking maybe someone can help...
    Sorry for posting my advertise everywhere ,I am not familiar with all those kind of forum...

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    Ya...thank you ...that is why I am asking ....because I want to buy !

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