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Thread: Need a pair of boots?

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    Need a pair of boots?

    I need a pair of waterproof ankle boots for general rough shooting/stalking. Do you have any recommendations on a good value make which would suffice - there are so many to choose from once you start looking but need some guidance. Thanks

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    46 uk size ten/half meindl woodwalker 120 on that site recomended. Must be good for someone. for use with powersaw???
    scroll down a long way
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    Sorry to break cover as the resident cheapskate, but I wear these Goretex lined mil surp. My work on the grouse moors a few years ago shredded a pair of 200 boots in 6 months, so I converted to these. They were 17 at the time and have subsequently lasted me four years (only 6 months of which were on the moors, I should add) of use and abuse. A constant supply of Nickwax waterproofing wax keeps them supple and comfy.

    In case anyone wants to join me in my happy cheapskatery I offer this health warning- wear them indoors for a week while dosing them daily with Nickwax before venturing outdoors in them. I wore them for a dawn lek count the morning after I bought them and my heels were literally running with blood after the first three km. Following some indoor breaking in though they have been the best boots I ever owned.

    I should be a salesman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liamnjs View Post
    I should be a salesman.
    No you couldn't, you told the truth!

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    I have been wearing a pair of Brasher walking boots for stalking for years and they are excellent.
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