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Thread: Damned coursers trespassing

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    Damned coursers trespassing

    Just hear a commotion outside and had a greed Disco tearing up our small field. Yep damned hare Coursers.

    So those in the East Lincs region watch out for this Disco:-

    M195 NKN

    They are are using at least one White dog.

    Police have been informed.

    Now have to try a reinstate our front grass which they tore up in their hurry to get away.

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    we had 3 on one shoot yesterday, and another 2 the other week,
    the police came, took their details and let them go.

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    yep buggers arnt they, we had a bit of a do xmas day police called bloked the gate so they could not get out ditch all round they told the police saw the land from A1 thought it would be a great place to exersice their dogs police let them go.

    I have guns because i love shooting, what i hate is red tape and been screwed by a Dishonest Government.

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    Well no surprise we have not heard from let alone seen any Police. So once we once we finish with hospital visits to day I shall write a letter asking why despite them featuring how seriously Lincolnshire Police take wildlife crime, even having a special unit to respond and deal with it, they never actually do something or come out when wildlife crime is reported.

    Obviously the TV appearances is just to justify their awful budgeting control and wast of funds in other areas .

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    We used to have a lot of trouble but thankfully having ditched, barriered and great police back up has made us a very, very occasional haunt for pikey lurcher men now.

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    I found a while ago that mentioning men with dogs seemed to bring less of a police reaction than mentioning men with dogs who were in the vicinity of a badger sett

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    The simplest thing to do mate is shoot the hares to a minimum .Its not like they are scarse now is it .No hares equals no coursing and they are fetching a good price now too 4.50-6.00 each in my area depending how shot ..

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    Well we are going to secure the field entrance but this means erecting a fence and gates which is not exactly cheap. So am working on the design for a tyre trap that we can install across the gateway that will ruin tyres. This will also take time to work out then make.

    We have no desire to shoot the Hares, they get hammered enough around here, Rabbits are a different matter.

    Will just have the secure field as best we can. Luckily none of our own dogs were out at the time.

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    In cheshire they have started putting T16 bars in the field at a 45d angle and up to now it has 3 lots of tyres and the rims now they smash through the hedges
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    if u ring the police and they dont come ring them back and tell them not to bother because you shot the poachers :L should get the police on the scene within about ten mins

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