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Thread: Anyone else plagued by huskies

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    Anyone else plagued by huskies

    Just took a turn down the wood. The huskies were back. Christmas eve, Christmas day. and now today a different lot. Howling huskies clear the wood. Live and let live but now they are kicking the a**e out of it. I am local so no great tragidy but some of the lads come from way down south and get their sport trashed. Not a happy situation. One of them warned me about walking my dogs near the huskies as they were under control. He was not pleased when I said "but mine are legally of lead in the forest". Jim

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    Your not the first Jim and won't be the last. Stalkers paying good money to have the right to take deer yet we have no "status" when it comes to the use of the forest. Quads, horses, dog walkers, huskies, ramblers etc all with right to access woodland free of any costs but to the detriment of the stalker who is paying big style. Just not right especially for the guys who do travel a great distance to stalk.

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    They costantly ran 10-12 teams in my wood in Glendevon thought the agreement they had with the F.C. was a maximum of 2 teams.. nice people but just not cricket.

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    same old problem jimbo, they run them in the darkness before anyone can get near a deer, they should by rights have a written agreement from the forest agents, because it is competion training and not dog walking, I have asked bob to get in touch with the agents about this, I await the outcome.....I challenge them all the time, but you just get a load of abuse.
    The only way to stop it is to barrier of the unoffical parking area so there is no way to park and modify the barrier so they cannot get their buggies and dogs though, this would also stop the quads and scramblers.
    there is a lady who walks dogs for a living useing the forest as well,at anytime she has between 8/ 12 dogs running wild, this is the same as above , if she is making a living or has a buisness which involves the forest she needs to pay for it.

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    Happyhunt, Was wondering about a barrier on the left fork up from the gate, close the loop. similar to the one at the caravan.

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    here i go, hope i dont get my arse kicked but.... im a husky runner. just let me qualify a few things before i get a load (hopefully of flack). i only run where i am allowed and as a stalker am pretty carefull about where i run and at what times. this is generally in competitions as i have private training grounds.

    that said, these people if they are members of any clubs ( and they have to be to compete) should have signed up to a code of ethics. this always includes being polite to members of the public. so if there are incidences of verbal abuse then you/we should complain. have a knock at the secatary of the siberian husky club great britain's door. this can be done via their website. make sure you get vehicle details ( its a very small world, the husky world, and every one knows every one) and if poss get names of kennels ( normally advertised on the sides of vans etc)

    this sort of action normally gets results as although estates/ land owners find this unusual/twee and are pretty accomaadating they are pretty quick to boot us off in favour of the traditional activities. but remember.. they (the land owners) are making dollars out of this!! it may be a need for space as the dog running world is shrinking just like everybody elses but the demand for money is great, we have to pay for the privilige of running dogs on commission land.

    say nothing and nothing changes, have a word with the siberian husky club gb. i will also raise the problem of the "unrest" with them. hopefully they will remove their heads from their respective backsides and do somthing

    food for thought

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    Thanks for that ade c , some good advice there, we realise the forest does not belong to us and that many people have a right to use the woodland, but its the fact that nobody gives a second thought about stalkers and how their actions have an impact on us that p'''''ses me off.
    I might drive for two and a half hours to arrive in darkness greeted by howling malamuts which as you know are basicly a wolf which might befriend you, then to be told "its alright mate were going now, we have done our circuit, the woodlands yours" thats a big help knowing the nearest deer is about two miles away now and the guys are totally ignorant of what they have just ruined.
    I try to educate the people I meet on the way in what they do affects animals they have not seen, most are fasinated to learn that a deer will smell you from a long way off and will move away long before they will ever seen it, other people just don't care and these are the ones we will always battle against

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    Thanks for that Ade C. The ground in question is private forest where no permission is given. They lift there equipment over the gate. They do not arrive that often but the loop they run disturbs 2000 acres. It is only this week the floodgates seem to have opened. 3 days out of four. with stalker due in with a 300+ mile round trip does not make for happy relationships. The dog walkers also disrupt the area, but it settles relitively quickly. The huskies tend to dirupt for a lot longer due to the howling. We have quadbiker coming in from Glasgow. Next year we may have clear fellers in Easter and windmills growing in every corner with related cabling. Life is not easy but accumulated it can suck At times i return from the woods never bothering to go through the gate.,.Jim

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    If there are no rights of access mate you are well within your rights to put logs across the trails .The commission will cut them up if they need access but it will prevent most unwelcome visitors .Works well around me to prevent the green laners straying and access in general .Go on be a devil .

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    Foxdropper they have a right as we all do in Scotland and as long as we are not using motorised vehicles or competing in a competition the public is actively encouraged on to forestry grounds. Collaboration is the key and to explain that there are other activities that happen normally for only a few hours after sunrise and a few hour before sun set. This will give them a run at the ground with out problems. I am sure if you drafted a letter to the Husky Club and told them that you have no objections to there use of ground but would appreciate them to respect your uses. It really has nothing to do with money we pay because we need to not because we want to.

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