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Thread: FEO Visit 3rd Jan - Any tips/advice

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    FEO Visit 3rd Jan - Any tips/advice

    All, I have my FEO visit arranged for next week (3rd Jan) for my licence application.
    I currently have a Shotgun ticket and have the pre requisite cabinet already installed (made sure the one I purchased at the time was ok for FAC).

    I am applying for a .243 with Mod for deer and fox. Have had a discussion with FEO and he seemed ok just said that they would prob put a mentoring condition on the ticket for an initial period and then maybe a "only shoot from an elevated position" condition. I have my DSC1 booked for mid Feb.

    I have been out a few times with a couple of local lads (sussexfallow and Andy stalker) big thanks to them.

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice that may help ease the process or previous experiences that they can share ?



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    Hi Tim listern to all he has to say and make sure your answers are precise and informed, remember he is just the go between for you and the cheif cons, make sure he knows what you want and what you want it for stand up for your self, dont let him tell you what you can have and can not have, above all be well informed on your chosen sport and the firearms needed for it.

    I have guns because i love shooting, what i hate is red tape and been screwed by a Dishonest Government.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimFuller View Post
    a "only shoot from an elevated position" condition.
    Well now that's a new one on me. How on earth would they enforce that?

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    Take nothing for granted. Be ready. Have copies of for him, Shooting permission, insurance, names of friends that will give you alternative shooting preferably someone that will be on his list. If he sees you are efficient that is half the battle. If you remove a gun from the cabinet open it to show it is empty. And has been said listen to what he has to say. Jim

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    Resist any daft conditions they try to impose. You don't have to go along with their 'suggestions' it is fair to ask for your application to go forward as it is. You a member of a shooting organisation?

    Make sure you have the kettle on and some decent biscuits. Try to ask them some questions, every time I see my FEO I'd guess I ask 75% of the questions.

    Do you have land to shoot over or is this for paid stalking? If you have land did you think of asking for a rimfire at the same time? It WILL cost you more when you do variations! I warn you it's addictive.

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    Mentoring? Elevated position? Your having a laugh. Say yes to the elevated position, if your on a bipod your rifle is elevated, (to vague) mentoring is not practical, it relies on your mentor being able to get out at the same time and puts the onus on him / her to say that they feel that your safe or not, thats not fair on them. I'd stick my heals in if I were you, tell the FLO what you want and stick to your guns. Excuse the pun!

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    Heat up the oil, about boiling should do, and make sure the man traps all work. Just t let him know how welcome he is .

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    And on no account offer him a donut

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    If he mentions people being killed with firearms that were/had been legally held, ask him to explain the deaths of Derek Bateman, John Shorthouse, James Ashley, Harry Stanley, Andrew Kernan, Jean Charles de Menezes, or Mark Duggan

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    Quote Originally Posted by liamnjs View Post
    Well now that's a new one on me. How on earth would they enforce that?
    They just put it in the notes on land suitability and it becomes a hidden condition
    Get caught breaking that and possible loss of licence
    This is why you get some places that are high seat only due to this factor alone

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