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Thread: Which Ultrafire or Trustfire Models plus Gun Mount??

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    Which Ultrafire or Trustfire Models plus Gun Mount??

    I'm thinking about one of these Ultrafire torches:

    or these Trustfire torches:

    for general use as well as solo lamping fox & rabbits on both rimmy/centrefire. But does anyone have any recommendations of the above? Ideally I would like a torch that is definitely bright enough for 200m, charge'able, ideally focus'able, and when you switch it on/off you ideally don't have to go through the high/low/strobe type functions with the same on/off button. Might also be handy to add filters, ideally...but ideally is not essential!!

    Likewise I will be looking for a scope mount - ideally one of Clusons like this:

    but do you know where I can pick one up from - can't find it on the Cluson website? Or a similar design? I like the Cluson design as you can disconnect/reconnect from different scopes/rifles setups pretty quick/easy.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Hey Oly,

    I'll try not to get too nerdy.......but here's my opinion:

    First torch (Ultrafire) - right torch, BUT they've jacked the power up on the LED higher than is recommended, so (1), it won't last as long and (2) will eat batteries in the process. I would say bright enough for 200m to pick up, hard to say to ID. Won't be a tight spot and does not look to be very focusable, although I can see how it might be. Batteries are low ampage in the range and can't comment on the charger.

    Second torch (Trustfire) - errrr....not in my book. Will be more of a floodlight than a spot and won't range. Will burn the batteries - (6 LED's !) and looks too bulky to be an effective lamp.

    Mount - if you can find one, please let me know! Cluson have to date refused to market them separate from their products. There are other options available and to be honest, the surety of a simple f-o-8 clamp with a couple of allen bolts can't be too much of an issue - can it? Id it is, get two QD bike lamp holders from Halfords at 4 each and moount them together to give you the same effect.

    Hope this helps - feel free to PM me if you need further information

    E t R
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    Hi Oly

    I have the very lamp which I find to be fine for all my rimfire shots and decent enough for
    standard foxing.
    The beam doesn't focus but gives a decent spot out to about 150mts
    Mounts are available from
    riced at 6.99.
    All in all I am pleased with the lamp and for what you pay is a bargain.
    A bit of a search and I found the pressure switch to go with the lamp from
    riced at 3.39 free postage. Can't be bad.
    I'm sure you'll love it
    All the best


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    I've had two of these;

    I think it's the same as the one your looking at. I was reccomended it by Mr You (no longer on this site). I've had mine for over a year and have been very pleased with it. Very good beam and the battery life is good too. I've not got a pressure switch on mine, but it looks like they're available cheaply, as are spare battery's and mounts.

    One tip - if you do get one of these from Hong Kong (don't worry about that, the guy is reliable) the charger will not come with a UK plug on it. You'll need a converter. They are a few quid off ebay or from Maplin or somewhere similar.


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    Many thanks for the replies guys.

    Alan, I presume you are rfering to the Ultrafire and not the Trustfire? Also, how long does the battery last on yours? Also - can't find the mounts or the switch on your links, if you could post the corrected links it would be greatly appreciated?

    Good to know regarding the Cluson mounts and the other issues to consider. If anyone else has any other cheap'ish alternatives feel free to post them.

    Bob - what distance do you get with that one?

    Does anyone know where/if you can pick with the filters separately, and are they any good?

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    The one I have is good for 200 yards, maybe a bit more. Its not ideal for a long night of extreme / long range foxing (300 yards plus), but for normal ranges its fine. For a torch with a normal sized battery I think its exceptional. There are advantages to a proper lamp, but for size and convienience its hard to beat.



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    Thanks guys. I must admit that I'm thinking that with a fixed mount that you won't be able to put the beam where you want it on every occasion. Annoying that Cluson don't sell theirs separately...they would probably make more from the mounts than they do their lamps!!

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    Apologies Oly

    I should have sent you this too.


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    No worries, thanks Alan - and do you have to scroll through the various "modes" when switching on and off or are they operated via a different switch?

    Thanks for all the help!

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