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Thread: Driven Boar

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    Driven Boar

    I found this clip on another shooting website, there are three clips, in total over 20 minutes of none stop action.

    Now I have never been driven boar shooting, nor for that matter have I really seen any on film, but I have always quite fancied the idea of giving it a go.

    One thing I have wondered about though is accurate (i.e. humane) shot placement on running large game . These clips seem to show my doubts were justified, with IMO lots of wounded animals seen disappearing into the distance......

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    watched a few minuites of the first link and i think your right, the thing that also bothers me is the female with a few piglets that gets shot and the skylined boar that gets shot, hope that the beaters weren't behind it. like you mudman i don't know much about Boar hunting but this would not seem to be the best example.
    in the comments there seem to be a few european hunters moaning about the clip as well.

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    I've been lucky enough to have shot driven boar a few times , luckily the shooting I have witnessed was a hell of a lot better than this.
    Not the best of films and unfortunately you get hunters who shoot at the biggest part of an animal and don't seem to care, I've come across a few guys like this and they all seem to come from roughly the same part of Europe.

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    A friend of mine organises hunting parties on the continent and he assures me that the follow up with very highly trained scent hounds is extremely thorough. Finding shot game is taken as seriously as some guys in the U.K regard the lamping of foxes or a day at rats with terriers.
    I'm going as a novice to France in November so I'll get first hand experience of battue shooting. I still think those videos are enough to set my pulse racing at the prospect of even a little bit of action like that.

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    These clips are removed from Youtube. Does anyone have recorded them on their disc or on a DVD ? I would like to find out what music was on the background? I did like it a lot.

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    If you wont a proper representation of good driven hunts look out for the Hunters Dvds

    ESPESH wild boar fever

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntromania View Post
    The video does not exist :-(
    It was originally posted over 3 years ago, must have been removed from youtube.

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