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Thread: seeland jackets

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    seeland jackets

    Hi All,

    i'm looking to buy a light weight (ish) jacket that needs to quiet, waterproof and windproof. Idealy I want to be able to wear it on a plane without looking like a t*t. it needs to be green or light brown.
    I like the look of the seeland lingfield jacket but i'm a bit put off by the description (it sounds a bit like an anorak) the price is good and the dark patches on the arms look tidy.
    I also like the look of the seeland long pile fleece and it's about the same money.

    Has anyone got first hand experiance of either of these jackets?


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    hi i have not had either of these jackets but i had the misfortune of buying a seeland suite i thought it was as waterproof as ateabag over priced and not great quality,

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    The old Deerhunter "Moleskin" would have fitted the bill but not sure if they still offer it. Also read on here others not thinking much of the Deerhunter stuff. I brought mine back in 99 and it's showing wear now.

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    I have a Seeland which is about as waterproof as a teabag also, seems strange since they are owned by Harkila (i thought?). I also have a Laksen jacket I think it is called buffalo which has a nice look for shooting or just normal wear and has been wind and waterproof to date. Comes with a nice high collar and hood plus is absolutely silent, lots of nice big pockets.

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    have had and still use seeland the gamekeeper and a light weight jacket [seeland] with zipped vents under arm ,dont know the name really have had no problems with either and they have seen most weathers ,i tend to put the lighter one on shoot days when the rain is in the air
    regards norma

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    I have the Seeland keeper Jacket & trousers, they seem reasonably waterproof but the outer layer seems to take an age to dry out, but as I work outdoors I have several sets of waterproofs

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