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Thread: species please

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    species please

    this question is of the back of another post iv put up so who has got what deer in witch county i know we have roe fallow munty in leicestershire any one seen owt else excludeing park and est deer question open to all countys.

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    In Wilts we have roe fallow and munties officially but there a few orientals floating about im told [sika]

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    we have red,roe and munty were i live but no permission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so have too travel 4 hr for

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    Munties, fallow and roe around me in Hampshire. I also heard reports of a sika being spotted at the game dealer the other day.

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    Reds, Fallow,Roe,muntjac, I have seen Chinese but not on my permission. No sika.
    All in Norfolk. DTD

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    NORTHAMPTON ,munty ,roe ,fallow ,the odd red and sika escaped from collections chinks just down the M1

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