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    Has anybody purchased goods from Ardmoor (
    They have a sale on and I am just wondering if they are reliable and have a good reputation as I have never visited and they are not local to me?

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    Company operates out of the guys family house where they have converted the basement for the business. Wanted a pair of brand name boots and they had the best price. When I got there, however, they didn't have the ones I was looking for in my size so to cut a long story short they gave me the next model up at the price of the boots I was wanting. Think the ladies name was Emma, she was superb. She knows customer service inside out and bent over backwards to help me.

    Depends what you're looking for but if it's price, quality goods and great service you would be hard pushed to beat these guys.

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    I bought a pair of breeks off them the week before christmas. they arrived before christmas and I wore them for the first time yesterday. Sadly the stitching completely undid itself (luckily I was only feeding not shooting) and by the time i got home the gusset had completely seperated. I emailed Ardmoor last night and they replied straight away saying no problem, terribly sorry, get them sent back and they will replace them straight away. So far i'm very pleased.
    I'm thinking about ordering a new coat from them tomorrow.


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    Bought a pullover for my Mum last Christmas, very quick delivery. Unfortunately the wrong size ordered by me, no probs returned and the other size received a couple of days later.

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    Well, tried them and had great service!
    Sale on at the moment - including Harkila Pro Hunter jackets...

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