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Thread: Re-Rifle Zero Day

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    Re-Rifle Zero Day

    As for my Rifle Zeroing Day that I posted 2 days ago, thanks to all that replied all pionts have been taken on board and as long as all shooters have an open ticket plus shooting ins.
    There should be no problems.

    The easiest way I think is keep it fairly small 10/15 people to start. See what happens.
    Im going to see the land owner today and see if a deal can be struck.
    So if if the owner and I can agree on terms it will be a a GO

    I will get back to all later

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    pretty sure you are allowed 28 days /year without planning perm ,dare say as long as you are not too near a village ect and dont go too early or late in the day you will be ok for a bit any way !

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