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Thread: WANTED AYA Yeoman S/S n/e stock

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    WANTED AYA Yeoman S/S n/e stock

    Sorry this may not be the correct section for this.

    A good friend borrowed my works gun for his son to use on boxing day, unfortunatly the boy has managed to smash the stock . He has just popped up to the house to confess, he looked terrified, he wouldn't tell me how he did it, however it looks run over.

    Has anyone got or do they know of where I can find a complete stock, the condition isn't so important as long as its sound.

    The gun has no real value but is a great tool and its been with me most days for nearly 20 years so I'd be sad to see it go.

    The gun is a 12g AYA Yeoman s/s ne

    Thank you.


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    It would be easier to buy the whole gun, you can pick them up for under 100. Hope this helps , cheers Rich

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