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Thread: Meopta meopro

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    Meopta meopro

    Hi guys does anyone have any experience with the meopta meopro?? I'm thinking of selling my s&b 8x56 and replacing it with a meopro so I can have a bit more mag at a reasonable price.

    Will I miss the s&b if I go for a meopta??

    Cheers rob

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    Hi Bigboab, Have just put one on my mannlicher stutzen.It is nice tidy scope for the cash.Clear optics , pretty good in low-light. holds zero OK.Does what it says on the tin.S+B is a good scope for what you will gain on the magnification I would advise you keep S+B. Cheers High seat

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    First the rifle and now the scope!!

    Me thinks you've got the seven year itch Boab.

    You won't get any better light gathering capabilities than your 8x56 S&B

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    i dont know about the meopro but i would say my artemis 2000 is better then s&b at low light or those every one loves s&b on this site so you will have to try one for your self

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    Use the artemis myself,, fantastic scope,, Meopta glass is as good as any

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    Yes I can't agree more lads, I used a artemis for several year's, the Czech's classic stalking scope.

    Incidentally I'm a swaro man myself and do know S&B has a strong set of followers, horse's for course's eh!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Started with a meopro r1r 3-12x56
    Moved on to Zeiss 3-12x56 didnt like it
    Moved on to a S&B 2.5-10x56
    Now..............back on the meopta and I reckon its the best of the lot!
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    Meopta are excellant value for money and almost as good as S&B or Swarvorski but not quite. I have three Meopta scopes and rate them very highly but I wouldn't get rid of your Schmidt & Bender.

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    Although I own a meopta the only downside is the really poor adjustment range on the turrets. The glass is
    good certainly not a match to the S&B's that I generally use, best advise keep the S&B!

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    if your other sight isnt broken i wouldnt swap it

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