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Thread: Moderator for 6.5X55

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    Moderator for 6.5X55

    I am looking for a good quality moderator for my 6.5X55 barrel, does anyone have any experience with a good model?? and where to buy one.
    weight and size is not as important as performance.


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    i am currently using a relex T8 on my tikka T3 6.5x55
    very good moddy, make a good shooting rifle even better
    as for where to get one , which part of the country are you .

    as you will have to get one from a rfd



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    T8 fitted to my 6.5x55.Great moderator, does not add too much to the length of the gun plus it also tames recoil.Remove and dry after every outing and it will last years.

    Check out August eddition of Sporting Rifle; t8 (0.25 size) gives a very good noise suppression in the 6.5 gun tested.Best suppression was from a 0.25 size Ase Utra Compact but it costs an extra 100

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    if its for your R93 you might consider a T4, they only add 2 & 1/2 " to the length of such a compact rifle and dont upset the balance as much as a T8. or try a wildcat predator 4 if you want something strippable.

    i use T4 on .308 and noise/recoil reduction is more than adequate.


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    thank you for the answers,

    yes it is for my Blaser
    where can i get the T4 moderator or the wildcat??


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    in the uk you can get them from most dealers, or go direct to

    for the wildcats go to

    you need to have the bush at the back end cut to your rifle, a simple job for a competant machinist, the .243 is now screwcut and i just swap between the 2 calibres when i swap barrels. the moderator is a .30 calibre t4.

    hope this helps?

    just to show size



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    Well I've decided to get an Ase Utra Jet-Z having read an article in Sporting Rifle. The 0.25 model out performed the 0.30 model.The spanner in the works is that the importer reccommends the larger size for my rifle but I'm still tempted to get the smaller size.
    Anybody out there using the smaller size on a 6.5?

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    When I was looking for a moderator for my Sako 85 every manufacturer at the Defence Show in Paris pointed me to the Jet Z as the most appropriate for the calibre. Spoke with the manufacturer on his stand and he recomended the larger of the two options.

    This I now have


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    I use a JET-Z Compact 0.30 on my Mannlicher 6.5 & its work very well, would recommend it to anyone.


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    Well Dennis H, is your head spinning as much as mine!

    I will go for an ase utra jet-z for my 6.5, I just need to decide which size.I want maximum reduction in decibels so the 0.25 model really appeals......

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